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You know a story's going to be good when it starts with, "So it all started with a Google search..."

So it all started with a Google search...

Product Reviews: Terry Wrapper & Pearl Izumi Barrier Headband

You could call me a "buyer" for Scott's Bicycle Centre. Michele and I actually share the job of purchasing women's clothing & accessories, and we value the opinions of our friends and customers when they share them with us. Every now and then a customer will bring up a brand that we don't normally carry - we'll request a catalog, peruse the selection, and every so often, order a sample.


No, not those cute little dolls your kids played with in the early 90s... instead a SICK new set of lights from a company out of New Zealand. These bad boys come in 850 and 1200 lumen models for eye-burning, night riding pleasure. And priced at a modest $219.99 (for 1200 lumens!), it makes the investment easy on the wallet for the new night rider. You'd think with a price like that the lights would lack quality...

Scott's Bikes Sponsors Chattanooga-based Velo Vixens Women's Club and Team

Scott's Bicycle Centre will be featured on the club & team kits for the Velo Vixens women's multi-sport club and team for the 2013 season. Scott's is proud to support the Velo Vixens, a community of more than 80 women, in the development and training of women athletes in road cycling, mountain biking, running, and multi-sport athletic endeavors.